Secrets of the Silver Tongue
Studio album – Veljanov

Secrets of the Silver Tongue

Studio album

Alexander Veljanov, singer of Deine Lakaien, has made his dream that he had for several years come true: With friends and first-class musician colleagues, he has recorded an acoustic solo album.

We all know how the solo albums of the members of famous bands usually sound: well, most times it’s not more of a re-make of exactly what they’ve always been doing. - That is not the case with Alexander Veljanov: “Secrets Of The Silver Tongue” neither copies, nor competes with any other projects he is involved with, for example the renowned Noise-Electronic-Excentrics Deine Lakaien. It doesn’t turn them down, just on the opposite, it enriches and, again, reveals another one of the amazing facettes that the musicians of Deine Lakaien keep surprising us with.

What remains the same is the poetic charme and radiance , new is the style of music. The sound is down-to earth, acoustic, straight forward, and still very much Alexander Veljnanov himself. So also old Deine Lakaien-fans like ourselves are delighted, when we - together with Alexander Veljanov - let ourselves in for this new situation.

Production: Dave Young

This album is release by Motor Music / UNIVERSAL in co-operation with Chrom Records, the vinyl-version at Chrom Records / EFA.

Rolling Stone

Eclectic romance and melancholic arias - a German NICK CAVE


VELJANOV is highly recommended as intelligent and intensive music


VELJANOV turns out to be a grandiose interpreter of melancholically beautiful songwriting


Romantic, melancholic and simply beautifulThis more than successful solo album makes you more than happy


Romantic, melancholic and simply beautiful


Simply one of THE albums par excellence. Absolutely take to the island, because that's what you need to live

AZ München

VELYANOVS voice is considered the most beautiful of the whole republic

Studio album
Released: 1998

Track list

  • The Past and Forever
  • Slippery World
  • Lay Down
  • Fragile Little Thing
  • Summer Nights (Kiss the Rain Goodbye)
  • The Man with the Silver Gun
  • Jezebel
  • Feed On Me
  • Because of You
  • After The Rain
  • Empty Heart
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Cover Dirk Rudolph / Fotografie Stefan Müssigbrodt