The Sweet Life
Studio album – Veljanov

The Sweet Life

Studio album

If the romantic beats the cynic, then an album like “The Sweet Life” must come out. An album with bittersweet truths about life and the rediscovery of lost dreams.

An album full of lust, love and passion. And an album that is above all one thing: absolutely container-free. “Since my musical taste is very broad, I want to surprise and convince with versatility,” says Alexander Veljanov. “I wanted to record a relaxed, positive album without drifting into superficiality or arbitrariness. That’s MY definition of pop.”

And it’s got it in it. Of majestic elegance, the eleven songs on The Sweet Life are dark, glamorous and seductive.

This record was released at MOTOR Music / UNIVERSAL in cooperation with Chrom Records.

Sonic Seducer

After the much acclaimed debut album "Secrets Of The Silver Tongue" from 1998, Alexander Veljanov's second solo work is about to be released. This time again, the man with the silver tongue and the unique timbre that goes with it, has dedicated himself to working through the many possibilities of emotional music. With the active participation of producer David Young (Bowie, Killing Joke, among others), eleven perfectly polished pieces were created. Characterized as a very own definition of pop, there is catchiness, paired with soft harmonies and outstanding vocal expressiveness. In different rhythms the songs glide on a steady flow of velvet. Even the use on the dance floors of the Republic and the heavy rotation in all music stations should be within reach. Especially the title track "The Sweet Life" presented in English and Macedonian has extreme hit potential and should appeal to both DEINE LAKAIEN fans and VIVA II viewers. With this potential, it is difficult to criticise, but quality comes at a price. As a listener you almost feel overwhelmed by so much perfection and are desperately looking for corners and edges. (Peter Heymann)

The focus is clearly on the wonderful voice, which can perfectly reproduce every facet of his songs and never seems to reach any limits. With an on the one hand almost playful carefreeness in reciting the lyrics and juggling with his voice which he is able to provide on the other hand with such a melancholy that one has the feeling to sink into darkness, he captivates the listener and draws him into his spell with the known melodies, to which he has immediately processed here...


First of all, "The Sweet Life" is worth a sin! As panther-like and seductive as Alexander Veljanov seems to jump at the viewer of the cover of his new solo album, the songs ultimately sound just as self-confident and powerful. Already the first song "Sweet Life" is a life-affirming, Mediterranean-looking track that whets the appetite for what the rousing beat of the song promises: a positive, relaxed and yet seriously hypnotically captivating album full of self-confident intensity. This self-confidence manifests itself in "Blag Zhivot", the Macedonian version of "Sweet Life". Experimentation is the key word for Veljanov's new solo album, because after the musically extensive and almost acoustic predecessor "Secrets Of The Silver Tongue", each song speaks a newly acquired desire for electronic sounds. Especially "Fly Away", the first single of the album shows the versatility of Veljanov's work: driving beat paired with his unmistakable voice, which on the one hand is so familiar and on the other hand, yet again in the bouquet of electronic, partly also consciously pop sounds, seems so inspiringly strange. While "Seraphim" or "Black Girl" are in the core usual melancholic-hypnotic songs, "Town By The River" or "In My Room" make the whole thing a stirring musical cocktail, which you should definitely try. Also noteworthy is "Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen", a song that Marlene Dietrich has already sung and represented a great challenge for Alexander Veljanov. Conclusion: a multilingual, versatile album with a lot to talk about. (Nana Tamschick)

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Veljanov - "The Sweet Life" Studio album (2001)

ELJANOV - The Sweet Life (Photo Markus Rock)

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Studio album
Released: 2001

Track list

  • The Sweet Life
  • Fly Away
  • Black Girl
  • The Wind
  • Seraphim
  • Town by the River
  • Longer Longer
  • In My Room
  • Das Lied vom einsamen Mädchen
  • Chains of Steel
  • Blag Zhivot
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Cover: Dirk Rudolph, Photos: Markus Rock