Dark Star Live
Studio-Album – Deine Lakaien

Dark Star Live


The live-album to the Dark Star-tour 92 - yet another milestone of music. Two new live-musicians complete the line-up: Michael Popp (medieval instruments and e-guitar) and Christian Komorowski (violin).

For this tour, Deine Lakaien completely re-arranged all their songs: Melting the sounds of real medieval instruments, e-guitar, and electronics (everything played LIVE!) added to the stage presence of Alexander Veljanov convinced fans and critics likewise.


Deine Lakaien create new dimensions of aesthetics. The real acoustic instruments they're using on stage and the electronics fuse into a bombastic modern sound construction.

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Deine Lakaien - "Dark Star Live" Studio-Album (1992)

Deine Lakaien - Dark Star 91 - The beginnings
Deine Lakaien - Dark Star 91 - The beginnings

Released: 1992

Track list

  • Colour-ize (live)
  • Love will not die (live)
  • Made in heaven (live)
  • Days gone by (live)
  • Love me to the end (live)
  • Frühlingstraum (live)
  • The night of love (live)
  • Mirror men (live)
  • Down down down (live)
  • Dark Star (live)
  • Traitors (live)
  • Reincarnation (live)
  • Ulysses (live)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Titelfoto: Joerg Staeger (Bearbeitung Carl Erling)