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Since years, Deine Lakaien follow their own consistent path proving impressively that demand and success do not necessarily exclude each other. On the contrary, because since 1993 every release of Deine Lakaien finds its way into the Medio Control Charts, concerts are sold-out with impressive consistency.

Ernst Horn (electronics) und Alexander Veljanov (vocals) recorded their new album “Kasmodiah” after the album “Winter Fish Testosterone” from ‘96. Their long-standing live musicians Michael Popp (multiple instruments) and Christian Komorowski (violin) contributed directly to the work in the studio and amend the former duo to become a quartet.

After three years, Deine Lakaien are back with a record that easily excels all high expectations: “Kasmodiah” is their biggest success so far.

The album entered the German Media Control Charts on place 4 and remained for a total 11 weeks.

Deine Lakaien keep being true to themselves: „Kasmodiah“ is both essence and development of their style. Delicate and careful arranged electronics of the sound engineer Ernst Horn, this time combined with acoustic instruments, together with the soft velvet, warm, dark-timbred voice of Alexander Veljanov – once more Deine Lakaien manage to conquer our hearts without effort.

The dark gem is back!

  • Deine Lakaien Kasmodiah - Alexander Veljanov, Ernst Horn
    Deine Lakaien Kasmodiah - Alexander Veljanov, Ernst Horn
  • Deine Lakaien Kasmodiah - Alexander Veljanov
    Deine Lakaien Kasmodiah - Alexander Veljanov
  • Kasmodiah - Christian Komorowski
    Kasmodiah - Christian Komorowski
  • Kasmodiah - Michael Popp
    Kasmodiah - Michael Popp
  • Deine Lakaien Kasmodiah - Ernst Horn
    Deine Lakaien Kasmodiah - Ernst Horn

SideLine, Belgium

The German living legend, Deine Lakaien return out of the blue with a new album entitled "Kasmodiah".... They packed all their strongest assets in their little bag, locked themselves in their studio and wrote us their best album ever! ... This is a killer album featuring Alexander Veljanov at the top of his form, with his typical and so characteristic moving vocals, his unique way of expressing his lyrics ... Ernst Horn managed once again to compose the perfect tunes for Alexander's emotions and both elements immediately enter in perfect symbiosis...

Orkus (translation from German)

Their best album so far

Dirk Hoffman, Zillo (tranlsation from German)

Very rarely one could experience the band with such an intensive emotional depth, mature with almost hymn-like compositions, and coherent with regard to the atmosphere of an album. Several wave-pop pearls fascinate immediately while listening the first time. - ALBUM OF THE MONTH

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Released: 1999

Track list

  • Intro
  • Return
  • Kiss the Future
  • My Shadows
  • Into my Arms
  • Overpaid
  • Venus Man
  • The Game
  • Kasmodiah
  • Lass mich
  • Sometimes
  • Fight
  • Try
  • Venus Man, Alternative Version (Bonus track, Special Edition)