Maxi-CD – Deine Lakaien



Return is an appetizer for the album Kasmodiah. Deine Lakaien stay true to themselves: elaborate sound aesthetic together with the exceptional voice of Alexander Veljanov shape the typical, inimitable style of Deine Lakaien. Who understands Pop as the fusion of subtlety, longing, harmony and timelessness is in the best hands with DEINE LAKAIEN.

The single includes the gorgeously beautiful title song “Return” and a remix produced by Ernst Horn himself besides an alternative Live-version of “My decision”, which was recorded on the Dark Star Tour 92 and has not been published since then. Furthermore, the mysterious gem “Indigo Man I” is found that simply works with the voice and voice samples of Alexander Veljanov and dates from the time of the “Winter Fish..” album.

“Return” is published in cooperation with Sony Music/ COLUMBIA for the first time. First edition as digipack.

Aktiv Musikmagazin (translation from German)

Peppered with elaborate sound aesthetic, Ernst Horn (electronics) and Alexander Veljanov (vocals) combine subtlety, harmony, and timelessness in a way that sadness and the zest for live are well balanced. The irresistible melody of “Return” covers the comfortable ballade-darkness with a romantic flair and leads into a unique world of sound. MAXI TIP OF THE MONTH (translation from German)

The long expectation for a proof of live from a real existing band could hardly be surpassed in the case of Deine Lakaien. This band became a living legend. "Return" redeems those waiting. No one, who ever came to like this band, is going to be disappointed. This single is a pearl of fragile beauty. It is dominated by the well-known dark prevailing mood from which a deep melancholy enfolds on a solemn beat crying out yearningly.

Released: 1999

Track list

  • Return (edit)
  • Return (extended version)
  • Indigo Man 1
  • My decision (Live, Dark Star Tour '92, Live in Munich)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Titelfoto: Markus Rock