Sex ‘n’ Cross
Maxi Single – Distain!

Sex ‘n’ Cross

Maxi Single

After the single „America“, which has got a lot of praise by the critics, „sex’n’cross“ is the second single from !distain’s album „25 Frames a Second“, now in a new line-up.

While “America” has been a sci-fi story, this new single is about how the Catholic Church covers up and keeps secret their own trespasses. They do not question religion as such but denounce publicly that many representatives of the church infamously misuse their positions to misuse religious beliefs of others.

The single enters #1 ot the SideLine-Charts for Electronic Music.

The single edit by producer Olaf Wollschläger is a indie-dancefloor filler. The remix by „to club rec.“ is a mix straight for the clubs while the remix by Markus Giltjes’s / Bobok is a very dark and the memphis mix is classical electro-wave without any compromises. The “chur-chill mix” is !distain ‘s first own remix and is actually the complete re arrangement of the song, giving it a jazzy touch. Also on the single is the exclusive bonus track “The Boss”.

Distain 2004

!distain are now (left to right): Manfred Thomaser and Alexander Braun.

Maxi Single
Released: 2004

Track list

  • Sex 'n' Cross (single edit)
  • Sex 'n' Cross (cub mix)
  • Sex 'n' Cross (obsession mix)
  • Sex 'n' Cross (memphis mix)
  • Sex 'n' Cross (chur-chill mix)
  • The Boss (original version)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Cover and Photos: Joerg Grosse Geldermann, Title: Carl Erling