Johnny Bumm’s Wake
Studio-Album – Ernst Horn

Johnny Bumm’s Wake


After “The Skies over Baghdad”, Ernst Horn’s first solo work, here comes the 2nd strike of the furious electronic-genious.

This album sets the standards of what can be done by sampling today.

Intro Musikmagazin 9/98

I would have expected a lot of things from ERNST HORN (DEINE LAKAIEN), but definitely not such an album in best "Ata Tak"-manner.Interwoven in relatively minimalistic electronic arrangements, one hears outstandingly combined samples, which function as satiric and parodistic means of social criticism. HORN goes through the recent years of German history, besides, hints at the all-devouring media power, focusses in the center piece "Mir ist alles Wurscht" (I don't give a shit) a basic attitude of modern man, and in "Einer geht noch rein" he gives us a glance at German lifestyle. From Kohl to Becker, Breakfast-TV to 0190-spots, the fall of Berlin Wall to commercials. "Johnny Bumm's Wake" shows the world as a glittering second hand-shopping mall, in which reality is served only in small, easily digested appetizers. How can one stand this, if not with humour? "Äpfel mit Birnen" is definitely a hit. DER PLAN couldn't have done it better. Tip!

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Released: 1998

Track list

  • Am Morgen geht die Sonne auf
  • Jede Menge Spannung
  • Äpfel mit Birnen
  • Papi Papi
  • Wurstsemmeln
  • Liebe Jugend!
  • Frühling
  • Traum
  • Versteigerung Ost
  • Allerdings!
  • Mir ist alles wurst
  • Die Hymne, Genschman
  • Kampfgeist sachverständig
  • Ausländerfreundlich
  • Einer geht noch rein
  • Kurze Pause, Ruf an!
  • Und dabei so mild
  • Angst, oder Apotheker
  • Indianer
  • Rettung
  • Lebensend und Sonnenschein