Lili Marleen, Baghdad, 02’91
Studio-Album – Ernst Horn

Lili Marleen, Baghdad, 02’91


The music project by Ernst Horn (Deine Lakaien) and Sabine Lutzenberger (Helium Vola) focuses on a single person, a soldier’s bride, a kind of’Lili Marleen’, who in melancholy songs longs for her beloved, who has gone to war.

Themes from a previous production by Ernst Horn, “The Skies over Baghdad” (1991) were taken up again and reinterpreted and continued with regard to current “events”. Musically, a bridge is formed between “The Skies over Baghdad” and “Helium Vola”.

This CD is the documentation of a live performance at the “digital-analog”-Festival on 31.10.2002 in Munich.

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Sonic Seducer

"In front of the barracks, in front of the great gate... "The barracks is one in Baghdad in this case, and Sabine Lutzenberger lends her voice to a'91 Lili Marleen who, in the words of an old Portuguese poem, expresses the longing for her lover who has gone to war with the king. ... The project demands some attention, but is not as constructed as it seems at first, but composed with a lot of brain and heart. Those who are not afraid of rational-emotional confrontation - even if only as a form of personal protest - should pay attention to the new song of Lili Marleen. (R. Laudert, 5/2003)


"In a merciless, sometimes harsh, yet sensitive way, the artist musically points to the double standards of war. ... A must for all friends of experimental music - that much is certain!" (Christian Hector, 5/2003)

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Released: 2003

Track list

  • Lili Marleen Baghdad Feb.91" (29:30 min)