Ludus Danielis
Studio-Album – Estampie

Ludus Danielis


The “Ludus Danielis” is a dramatic mystery play centred around prophet Daniel at the babylonic court.

The prophecy, “Menetekel”, when a divine hand writes the downfall of the Babylonian empire on the palace wall, is a climax of the play. By evil intrigantes, prophet Daniel is being thrown into the lions’ pit, but, as if by miracle, he remains unwounded. Now it’s the intrigantes who are thrown into the lions’ pit and cannot escape their just ending…

Alexander Veljanov, singer of “Deine Lakaien”, can be heard in a guest role as prophet Habakuk.

Besides mystic solo scenes, there’s overwhelming choir chantings of the decadent royal household. The instrumentario, which partly might seem exotic (harp, Ud, Saz, barrel-organ), gives access to a new, vivid world of medieval soundscapes.

“Ludus Danielis” is the first CD of Estampie, which came out by a collaboration of the classical label Christophorus and Chrom Records.


The whole musical impact benefits enormously from the plainly well-informed freedom that results. It's honest and it's good: the individual performers are excellent, and the play conmes across with special power. It's also refreshingly different.

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Released: 1994

Track list

  • Ad honorem tui Christi
  • Jubilemus
  • Vocate mathematicos
  • Cum doctorum et magorum
  • Ut scribentis noscas ingenium
  • Vos Danielem quaerite
  • Multum miror
  • Hic verus dei famulus
  • Rex tua nolo munera
  • Solvitur in libro Salomonis
  • Regis vasa
  • Ecce rex Darius
  • Audite principes
  • Congaudentes celebremus
  • Decreverunt in tua curia
  • Numquid Dari observari
  • Heu heu heu
  • Abacuc
  • Ecce venit
  • Nuntium vobis
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Titlebilder Fred Stichnoth