Omnis Mundi Creatura
Maxi CD – Helium Vola

Omnis Mundi Creatura

Maxi CD

The single “Omnis Mundi Creatura” (Chrom/Indigo) is the first preview of new and truly monumental production straight from Ernst Horn’s workshop (Deine Lakaien, Qntal): Helium Vola.

The title track was received with great enthusiasm by the listeners as well as by the press and alternative DJs, and it topped the highest placings of the German Alternative Charts, mutating into the ultimate club hit.

This limited CD-Maxi includes the beautifully arranged minne song “Minne und Treue”, sung by Sabine Lutzenberger in an angel-like voice!

Orkus Musikmagazin (translation from German)

Yippee! For all friends of Qntal and Deine Lakaien, here is finally a fabulous new project from music craftsman Ernst Horn. The title track begins with lashing loops, echoing sounds and finely programmed, harsh electronics, joined soon after by the fantastic voice of a very successful medieval vocalist, Sabine Lutzenberger. A symbiosis that sends shivers down your spine, that continue as long as the song lasts. Helium Vola is much more than advanced Qntal, though compared best to the projects of Ernst Horn. Only a musician like Ernst knows how to bring the Middle Ages to the present and send it skillfully into the future as well. In addition to the dancefloor hit of the next weeks, months, surely years, this gold, um, silver disc contains more jewels: the slow paced and melancholic “Minne und Treue”, and the more experimental “Fama Tuba”. Especially for the latter, I do not want to experience or even understand the way of thoughts and ingenuity of Mr. Ernst Horn. People like us surely would get mad due to this overkill. Just listening leaves you only speechless instead of crazy. The only side effect is going to be the unconscious use of the repeat-key. If there were points awarded for singles, the entire ten points would be more than justyfied. (Claus Müller)

Notes Musikmagazin (translation from German)

This just confirms what we’ve been preaching for ages: Ernst Horn, this classically educated musician, is one of the driving forces in the music scene. He’s bubbling over with ideas, concepts, and with a thirst for adventure. The fact that he knows how to make such first-class compositions and productions without getting sloppy, losing his concentration or becoming distracted is simply amazing.

Zillo Musikmagazin (translation from German)

It was not the case that Ernst Horn was bored. Just his mind was completely occupied by creative ideas which had to get out. Thus, he swiftly founded a new project, made music diligently, and named it classically HELIUM VOLA. The result sounds great. The single “Omnis Mundi Creatura” that is going to be released in June is the preview of the album due this fall. It is not yet known whether it is going to consist of one or two compact discs, because of the vast material available. The lyrics of the four-track-single are based on medieval poetry in Provençal, Latin, Old and Middle High German. Quite some electronics are mixed to the medieval touch and the frame is set by references to the present and setting for poems of the French author Michel Houllebecq. The main voice among the five soloists belongs to Sabine Lutzenberger, one of today’s most renowned interprets of medieval music. Working in the studio (but not yet on the single) are different instrumentalists playing fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, harp, guitar and turntables. One can feel the enthusiasm within the project and hopes that the muse will embrace Ernst Horn for a long time.

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Maxi CD
Released: 2001

Track list

  • Omnis Mundi Creatura (Album Version)
  • Minne und Treue
  • Fama Tuba
  • Omnis Mundi Creatura (Radio Version)