Helium Vola
Studio-Album – Helium Vola

Helium Vola


Ernst Horn (Deine Lakaien), who’s already made a name for himself in the past with successful productions exploring the borderland between medieval, classical and modern electronic music (Qntal), has delivered an exceptional album brimming with versatility, minus the inhibited esoteric or shallow pleasantness of some other productions of this genre.

The lyrics on the “Helium-Vola” album are based on medieval lyric poetry in the Provençal, Old and Middle High German, French, and Latin languages. - A conceptional background story is formed by a poem from french writer Michel Houellebecq.

Current music trends are implemented and put up against the medieval world in tough comparison, without losing sight of the zeitgeist: “Helium Vola” has much more than just hit material to offer and even allows for contrasts and abrupt changes in style: soft ballads are on equal terms with experimental, futuristic sound spectacles, somber conjurations compete with tender and charmingly beautiful minnesongs. Contrasts which shed new light on things.

The main vocals of the project, which contains a total of five soloists, belong to Sabine Lutzenberger, one of the currently most reputed singers of medieval music. Other instrumentalists on the fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, harp, shawm and turntables contributed to the studio recordings as well.

Audioglobe, Italy

A symbiosis that sends shivers down your spine - I was not touched as much as by HELIUM VOLA for years and was unable to remove the CD from my car-CD-player for past 3 weeks ! Songs like ‘Les Habitants du soleil’ (lyrics by Michel Houellebecq), ‘Je chante par couverture’ or the simply mindblowing soft medieval ballad ‘Selig’ are destined to become CLASSICS in a musical genre, that was mainly ‘invented’ by Ernst Horn with his project QNTAL some years ago : Medieval atmospheres and heavenly voices meet the technology of the 21st century ! My personal album of the Month !

D-Side, Belgium

Helium Vola est un monstre tentaculaire qui reprend la formule du mix entre chants secrés, des Héritage bizarroides et des rythmes aux structures hachées et complexes. On est ébloui par du latin, de l'allemand et du français (ancien ou contemporain avec un texte de notre Michel Houellebecq national), chanté par une pointure de la musique médiévale, Sabine Lutzenberger, et quatre solistes dont les voix extraordinaires sont accompagnées de violons, harpe et viole de gambe totalement en phase avec les machines du maître. Du grand art!

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Released: 2001

Track list

  • Funerali
  • Les habitants du soleil
  • Omnis mundi creatura
  • Begirlich in dem hertzen min
  • Je chante par couverture
  • Gegen einen Teufel
  • Fama tuba
  • Lösespruch
  • Sancte sator
  • Du bist min
  • Do tagte ez
  • Les habitants du soleil (Reprise)
  • Iuvenes
  • Selig
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