Veni Veni

CD 2004

Veni Veni

Maxi Single

With “Omnis Mundi Creatura”, Ernst Horn, musical mastermind of Deine Lakaien, already established a phenomenal hit in the European club scene. Now 2 years thereafter, a new single is out: “Veni Veni”.

It only annnounces a new album (“Liod”), but straight after the promo release went into the DAC club charts, “Veni Veni” is on it’s way to become another great European club hymn.

The lyrics are medieval (Carmina Burana) but the electronic sounds are cearly recognizable Ernst Horn tunes and rhythms.

Track list

  • Veni Veni (Club Version)
  • Printemps
  • Mahnung
  • Veni Veni (Radio Edit)
  • + Hidden Bonus Track