Elation Elegance Exaltation
Studio-Album – Idee des Nordens

Elation Elegance Exaltation


Musical Experiments with Sound »Magick«

Their music is as mysterious as mathematics, as empirical as poetry, as vague as sorrow and just as depending on personal use as it is love, thus Idee des Nordens described their debut album.

This music is addictive, with each listening, one discovers more dimensions to it. Tip for listening in: “Gold” and “One Man’s Evil”.




IDEE DES NORDENS is part of the Hamburg-based STORA community and deals with the popular sides of music. STORA is devoted to the discovery of personal soundstructures, and IDEE DES NORDENS takes the risk to scrutinize the overall suitability of this experiment.
Developments yet to come are given the prospects for on “Elation Elegance Exaltation”, as well as the last years in the history of music are recapitulated. The quality of music material is independent of its context and its stylistic classification. IDEE DES NORDENS discovered the power of music in the micro-structure of its sounds.
Easy Listening of its very own kind, catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, combined with unusual sounds which come from totally different musical or acoustic contexts. Just as the western world is, the music of IDEE DES NORDENS is a whole big supermarket. In joyful carefreeness IDEE DES NORDENS mix the most different material so complex, that it’s only adequate to call it polyphone pop.
Even more unusual it might appear that there’s no definite separation into melody and harmony in the music of IDEE DES NORDENS. In other words: Everything’s in the foreground, and if you’re not giving an ear to it, the things you ignored before will suddenly be a real surprise to you. Pleasure on several levels. This is just appropriate for a society in which everything and all clots into information.
“Who understands to play with musical material of such different kind as sovereign as IDEE DES NORDENS do, has to be of mercuric carefreeness.”
(G. Schalkalwis/STORA)


Musical depth and relaxing sounds in their purest. Reveals new dimensions with each listening.


Besides RESIDENT-like trickiness and COIL-like sound complexity, there's also elements of modern classical music, of runic apocalyptic folk, or of modest Trance music. ... Elation-Elegance-Exaltation as a debut album remains unequalled and revolutionary.


Wonderful melodic and dreamy passages, which make each Dark Wave or Neofolk band go green with envy ... the album of the year

Released: 1995

Track list

  • One man's evil can become the curse of all
  • Blödraiser
  • Gold
  • Fingercode
  • Wunder
  • Flut
  • Supreme
  • Mond
  • Jasmin & Rosen
  • White Stains