Secret Moments
Studio-Album – Idee des Nordens

Secret Moments


Musical Experiments with Sound Magick

Idee des Nordens are sincerely devoted to the charm of secret moments, when things happen that really shouldn’t. Smart musical drugs for smart people.

On their second album, bearing the name “Secret Moments”, they present in seemingly pleasingly audible form the perfectionate art of creating secret moments, which can be found in the moment of suspense when doing the right thing at the wrong time and the wrong thing at the right time.


Idee des NordensCapital of the new crossover-fever
of electronic dance music and
experimental sound modification
Noise musicians discover ambient,
Techno musicians deconstruct their music
until pain threshold.


Idee des NordensAn experimental working method
comes over popular structures,
intelligent and intoxicating:
“smart drugs for people who can use them”
(Genesis P. Orridge).


Idee des NordensIDEE DES NORDENS is part of the
Hamburg-based movement STORA, whose
releases are situated in the flashpoint of
electronic dance musicand experimental
sound modification.They collaborate with
artists from friendly countries (Russia).


Idee des NordensAt SECRET EVENINGS in around
Hamburg STORA presents concerts,
films and records, which merely have
their weirdness in common.
No evening resembles the next
- probably soon in your own town …


Secret Moments

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Released: 1997

Track list

  • Song for giso
  • Rev.
  • The Power Man
  • Stroumpf
  • Secret Moments
  • Rock me Ahmed
  • India
  • Western Strings & Foreign Links
  • Riders on the Storm (Cover Version)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Above cover-picture: © 1997 Peter Zierlein