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Synthi goes kinky - On “Beware”, Winus Rilinger participates again, who got famous for writing hits like “San Diego” for The Eternal Afflict. Also Angela Jana, the enchanting female voice, is surely known to many of you: she already sung on Eternal Afflict’s last album “War” and defined the INSIDE debut album with her characteristic voice.

To all those Wave-Pop admirers, who aren’t afraid of musical surprises, “Beware” will be a lot of fun. Their cover version of “Relax”, THE 80es hit of Frankie goes to Hollywood is just perfect in this concept; outstandingly done and with the typical INSIDE charme…

Prospective Magazine, Sweden

Heavy synthpop with slightly horrorish lyrics (indeed, "Vampire" is available on this album too, albeit in a "director's cut" version), but with some added heavy guitars and none of the slower, more atmospheric tracks. Another change is that Darrin sings lead vocals on all tracks this time. Comparisons with Psyche (especially the early days) are of course inevitable, but I think I can also hear similarities with Soft Cell - not necessarily with Marc Almond's voice, but rather with some of his lyrics. Sex Cult, for example, could be a forgotten Soft Cell track. The best parts of the album are "Emergency", the aforementioned "Sex Cult" ... but there are no really weak tracks here. ... Worth checking out.

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Released: 1998

Track list

  • Emergency
  • Beware of the Dog
  • Penetrate U
  • Relax (When You Wanna Come)
  • Criminal Mind
  • Kama Sutra
  • Sex Cult
  • Torture
  • Revenge
  • Timebomb!
  • Striptease
  • Vampire (Director's Cut)