Room full of mirrors
Studio-Album – Inside

Room full of mirrors


After the split of The Eternal Afflict, this is THE ultimate follower! TEA-composer Mark and TEA-producer Winus Rilinger met singer Angela and front singer Darrin Huss (Psyche), and created a bombastic album.

The fusion of the driving TEA-sound and the emotive vocals that everyone knows from Psyche pushes Darrin Huss almost into ecstasy. The songs go from theatrical and melodramatic ballads on to ecstatic dancefloor-smashers. - Including the club-classic “Vampire”.

New Life

An album that will come over the electro scene like a thunderstorm and shake it to the core.

Lean more

Released: 1995

Track list

  • Labyrinth
  • Vampire
  • The whip
  • Send me the moon
  • Child in time
  • Nowhereland
  • Playground
  • Last embrace
  • Hallowed ground
  • Unwanted world
  • Puppets have no tears
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Coverfotos, Titelfotos: Olaf Blecker