Qntal I
Studio-Album – QNTAL (Early Works)

Qntal I


A fascinating mixture of ancient melodics and present-day Electronic Noise Music. A collection of texts from the Middle Ages (similar to the Carmina Burana) is the background for this concept album.

Including the independent-club hit: “Ad mortem festinamus”. Qntal (pronounce “Kuntul”) are Sigrid Hausen (Estampie), voice, Ernst Horn (Deine Lakaien), and Michael Popp (Estampie and Deine Lakaien), electronics and medieval instruments.

A classic meanwhile!

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Released: 1992

Track list

  • Un Vers De Dreyt Nien
  • Ad Mortem Festinamus
  • Anc Non Lo Vi
  • Por Mau Tens
  • Floris E Blanchaflor
  • Unter Der Linden
  • Rossinhol
  • Non Sofre Santa Maria
  • Doussa Res
  • Jherusalem
  • Sanctus
  • Black Death
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Teile des Introtextes: Dirk Hoffmann

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