Qntal II
Studio-Album – QNTAL (Early Works)

Qntal II


The 2nd album of this exceptional band. By combining medieval music and voices with current-time dancefloor rhythms, Qntal enrich the independent music scene as well as the modern reception of medieval music.

Qntal reveal a connection from the middle ages to the Los Angeles riots in the beginning of the 90es. - Incuding a.o. songs from Hildegard von Bingen and Walter von der Vogelweide.

Just as “Ad mortem festinamus” (Qntal I), the “Palästinalied” became an immediate success at the audience and still remains a club hit.

“This fusion of medieval poetry and electronics, between dancefloor and ambient is unique!” STEREO

Clutter & Clank 1996

Qntal: Qntal II Ernst Horn is our times greatest alchemist. Everything he puts his magic fingers on, becomes beautiful music. Here together with Sigrid Hausen and Michael Popp, he gives us a new show in musical aesthetics. I can hardly imagine anything more beautiful. Qntal are really the missing link between Deine Lakaien and Dead Can Dance. Their sounds and rythmics from Deine Lakaien, and the atmosphere and vocal of Dead Can Dance. Who could really believe that this description of medieval hymn should function in a modern version! Far from any form of chategorizment, Qntal succeeds in challenging all expectations to how music should sound, warm and genuine - thats Qntal in a nutshell! Even the astounding massive rhythms on Vos Attestor slides naturally into this exquisite concept. It's rather confusing when they use quotes from the racial conflicts in Los Angeles. So far, this is the ultimate combination of now and then in the musical world. Yes, Palestinalied and Troubar Clus even have hit-potensial. Qntal's second album is a brilliant product and should achieve some curiosity outside of Germany.. Superb electronics!

Side Line Belgium 1996

Qntal make a come back with a second album in the same line that its predecessor somewhat maybe more danceable, but still so atmosheric, deep and medievalish electronic oriented. Sigrid Hausen's voice is for sure one of the keys for the success of that band, being the most intense heavenly voice I have ever heard on that sence! And she magically manages to sing in Latin, in old French and middle high German with such a facility and delicacy! The lyrics are taken from various authors (including for example the texts of Carmina Burana!). Musically, I told it, the whole sounds more rhythmed this time and the tracks are also more complex in their structures and rich in sounds. Built around spiritual atmospheres and up to date dance parts. Spirituality of Virgo and Splendens are two splendid pearls throwing me into a beautiful dream which I only awake (lying on the ground of a church) with the rhythmed Trobar Clus, Palestinalied and Frühling bringing me back to Earth. Three strong potential dark dancefloor hits, no doubt! Qntal is my all time favourite goth electro act. And I think lots of uninspired goth acts would better hear their music and realize how silly they sound!!! Simply amazing intense and expressive heavenly music...

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Released: 1995

Track list

  • Introitus
  • Palästinalied
  • Frühling
  • Hymni Nocturnalis
  • Vos Attestor
  • Herbst
  • Abaelard
  • Virgo Splendens
  • Trobar Clus
  • Sine Nomine
  • Ab Vox d'Angel
  • Epilog
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Cover based on Qntal 1 Artwork by Stig Harder

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