Black Days in Heaven

Soul in Isolation:

 Black Days in Heaven


Romantik-Wave of the 1990s at it’s best! The quest for “Avalon” with an almost movie-like music

The music is about the outbreak of the individual from an every-day tristesse to a (knowingly) glorified metaconscience in a virtually created dream world (“Avalon”).

This is archived with the means of a dark, almost movie-score like music: Reality ist coloured with the listener’s dark colours of phantasy and imagination.

Soul in Isolation

The mini-CD features the hymnic song “Evelyn” (listening tip!), the powerful “Heaven”, but again also one of those introverted darkwave jewels, that made “Soul In Isolation” famous, “Is black dark enough”.

Zillo (Joe Asmodo):

A new promising duo in the dark wave heaven.:

Zentralnerv Musikmagazin:

The band has THAT, what other bands will NEVER have.:

Released: 1994

Track list

  • Heaven
  • No Elevating Days
  • Evelyn
  • Is Black Dark Enough