Stendal Blast:



This album is bright and loud like morning, as sobering as beautiful, awfully honest and nevertheless as transfigured as leaving a bar at 6.30 a.m., in order to hug the world for a short moment before you get lost in daydreams for the rest of the day.

Kaaja Hoyda, singer, songwriter and head of the band, created unbelievable dense lyrics! (German Language). Near to the edge between lust (“Wunderland”), madness (“Wo führt das hin?”), lampoons (“Das ist nichts!”) and quite ordinary situations (“Im Morgenrot”) he juggles himself and us through the mysteries of live.

Christian Komorowski, ex-violinist of Deine Lakaien, and Johannes Matthias, member of the famous Leipziger Thomaner Boys-Choir, support the band at the sadest moments of the album, “Keine Wahrheit”.

“Yeah, this is a hit album first class! - Give me a ticket for a SB concert a.s.a.p.!” (Sideline, Belgium)

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Released: 2000

Track list

  • Im Morgenrot
  • Julia
  • Jolante und Marie
  • Wunderland
  • Loveback
  • Wo führt das hin?
  • Heul nicht
  • Alle gegen die Schwerkraft
  • Das ist nichts
  • Schimmelreiter
  • Andere Mütter
  • Aktions-Ansage
  • Keine Wahrheit
  • Unterm Kirschbaum ist Schluß