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While everyone is still celebrating on the “New German Hardness” wave, Stendal Blast is already further along: with this album they sound more mature, calmer, again a bit more electronic. Also the lyrics are less cryptic, but more personal, with a good dash of self-irony.

This album is bright and loud like the morning, as sobering as it is beautiful, to puke honestly and yet so transfigured as to get off the bar stool at 6:30 am, to briefly embrace the world and then dream the rest of the day monkey dreams.

Tight at the border between lust (“Wunderland”), madness (“Where does it go?”), pamphlets (“That’s nothing!”) and everyday snapshots (“In the dawn”) Kaaja Hoyda juggles us and herself through the incomprehensibilities of life, tries to express his love for all this and finally proves it.

For the sad/scary moment of the record (“No Truth”) the former DEINE LAKAIEN violinist Christian Komorowski and Johannes Matthias, member of the Leipzig Thomaner Boys Choir, could be lured into the studio.

“Even the opener “Im Morgenrot” with its smug disco attitude and the ingeniously recited even more ingenious text (“Wir wollen lieben wen wir wolln…”) immediately became a good-humor anthem for me. “Call me and my machine will smash it at you.” (Text und Ton, Germany)

“Yeah, this is a hit album first class! - Give me a ticket for a SB concert a.s.a.p.!” (Sideline, Belgium)


"In the dawn everything will be fine, everything will be fine..." Because of this line of text and the song that goes with it, my attitude changed completely at the beginning of the day, because I was already aware when I woke up that my work was about to begin and that another day was lost. But Stendal Blast taught me a better way with their current album. They make us happy with a CD that has it in it. Easily changed, but in unmistakable style, they present us the 13 songs, some of which are a little slower than on their predecessors "Was Verdorrt" and "Alles Liebe". Sometimes the song structures were changed and enriched by catchy beats. Stendal Blast were and still are a band that can't be categorized into known schemata. The rudimentary and banal lyrics convey a message once again, as long as you bring the necessary intellect and do not close your eyes to them. These lyrics are the main reason why you have to sing along the second time you hear them - an attribute that hardly any band has to show. Highlights of "Morgenrot" are without doubt the faster songs "Schimmelreiter", "Alle gegen die Schwerraft" and "Wo führt das hin?", but also the worn "Julia, Jolante und Marie" has its very special charm. Kaaja Hoyda, the head of the band, has once again proven his genius with this album. His vocals don't sound as sick as they used to, but they don't lack the usual intensity. In "Keine Wahrheit", which is only intoned with violin and piano, a member of the famous Choir of St. Thomas and Christian Komorowski could be engaged. You need this record, it will show you the way, as it showed me the way, because now I am looking forward to every new morning, because already when I wake up I know what is waiting for me in the cassette slot of my car... in this sense: "Everything will be fine, everything will be fine." (HD) - 15 points

Sonic Seducer

The phenomenon Stendal Blast is already entering its third round with "Dawn". After the club hits "In this sense" and "Der spanische Mond" the band should be quite well known by now. "In doing so, "Dawn" consistently continues on its chosen path. Thus, alongside the usual ingenious dance floor fillers ("Where does it go", "All Against Gravity" and "That's Nothing"), there is once again something strangely experimental ("Action Announcement, "No Truth"). The focus is clearly on the wonderfully sarcastic lyrics, which prove that humour combined with music is not necessarily synonymous with level- and senseless chatter. Especially in matters of interpersonal relationships Kaaja Hoyda proves a wonderfully refreshing power of observation. Mandatory purchase! - Martin Kreischer


Stendal Blast have been a realistic piece of anti-art since 1989 and now three CDs, causing head shaking, laughter and crying cramps and many a dance floor derailment. "Morgenrot" is a kind of concept album about the infamous dawn, which is actually really shitty until the decline of the carcinogenic fireball, because we want it. The musical background of what gives us the edges of our eyes is a kind of MIDI punk accompanied by guitars, samples and violin, sometimes intentionally reminds us of plastic garbage and e-waste and is almost always danceable in its stupid melodious, catchy way. The densely illustrated anti-lyric fits like a fist to the eye. Kaaja Hoyda talks about sexual trivialities, everyday abysses, sick dreams and that asocial helplessness that makes us what we are: uncultured, uneducated, drive-driven, selfish, controllable, manipulable, alcoholic everyday people. All right, we're not always, but more and more often. (9) - Thomas Manegold

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Released: 2000

Track list

  • Im Morgenrot
  • Julia
  • Jolante und Marie
  • Wunderland
  • Loveback
  • Wo führt das hin?
  • Heul nicht
  • Alle gegen die Schwerkraft
  • Das ist nichts
  • Schimmelreiter
  • Andere Mütter
  • Aktions-Ansage
  • Keine Wahrheit
  • Unterm Kirschbaum ist Schluß