Alles Liebe

Stendal Blast:

 Alles Liebe


This Album was an important voice of a new German music trend, the so called “neue deutsche Härte”.

Their first album (WAS VERDORRT, 1995) caused a scandal, but instead of becoming more modest, STENDAL BLAST hit back even harder. A fresh greeting from Stendal reaches us with their new album ALLES LIEBE (“with all our love”).

An ambiguous greeting in fact, as it’s not really the Gospel that Stendal Blast bring. One could say singer Kaaja Hoyda’s lyrics are about destruction and abuse of yourself and others, they feature a lot of sex and crime, but what makes them special is that they’re exemplifying this on ice cream, the death of bee “Willi” (a German children’s cartoon), suntan oil (ÖL - oil), or an ugly girlfriend (DU BIST NICHT SO SCHÖN - you aren’t very beautiful)…

Stendal Blast 1997: Kaaja Hoyda, Bernhard Lottes, Hajo Mönnighoff, Bernhard Lottes
Stendal Blast 1997: Kaaja Hoyda, Bernhard Lottes, Hajo Mönnighoff, Bernhard Lottes

Poetry or pornography?

At least it’s for sure, that ALLES LIEBE is not a “music-CD” in the normal sense, it’s more a musical piece of Slam Poetry. A spontaneous opposition to academic literature, Slam Poetry is usually performed in bars and clubs, standing on the bar, the poet being cursed and spilled with beer by the audience. This situation resembles a lot the situation of a STENDAL BLAST concert.


is a complex CD, which is not neccessarily easy to grasp at first hearing.

What seems amusing at first sight, becomes cruel with the second hearing, and this ambiguity is exactly what makes STENDAL BLAST naive, poetic and obscene at the same time.

Besides “radio play” pieces and weird experimental parts that you can only decipher when listening by headphones, the album also contains real earwigs (DER SPANISCHE MOND or DU BIST NICHT SO SCHÖN) and ballads (BLUT IM SCHUH).

Unmoved like ethnologists, STENDAL BLAST research on the strange specie of the civilised homo sapiens. Be it mating rituals (ÖL) or ingestion of food (DER HAHN IST TOT), profound triviality and tragic greatness always go hand in hand…

Phosphor, Belgium:

Catchy electro and more guitars with lots of hit potential and a spontaneous opposition to academic literature. This is fun, this is heavy, this reminds of Rammstein, but it's also very suitable for the dancefloors.:

Released: 1998

Track list

  • Rosengarten
  • Öl
  • Fresser
  • Blut im Schuh
  • Du bist nicht so schön
  • Der spanische Mond
  • Mittelpunkt
  • Nie allein weil unter sich
  • Kurzer Aufenthalt
  • Der längere Hebel
  • Der Hahn ist tot
  • Willi am Ende
  • Blindheit
  • Öl (...auf der Tanzfläche)