Was verdorrt
Studio-Album – Stendal Blast

Was verdorrt


(“was verdorrt” means “what withers”)

Electro-wave music with rather cynical German lyrics. No tape on the label has so far triggered major controversies. The audience and critics either love them idolatrously or hate them abyssally, the deeply cynical humour leaves no one indifferent! A laugh that soon gets stuck in your throat. Super bad and mean.

The songs “Neuer Mensch” or “Nie mehr mit Dir schlafen” are hits in the clubs.

“Like the whole world happens to you on a foul-weather day.”
(DJ’s comment)

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Released: 1995

Track list

  • Weiße Wände
  • Neuer Mensch
  • Nie mehr mit Dir schlafen
  • Zentralkomitee 1
  • 11 Kilopond
  • Mond gegen mich
  • Zentralkomitee 2
  • Liebling
  • Donald ist tot
  • In diesem Sinne
  • Zentralkomitee 3
  • Söldnertanz
  • O hochgewachsner Baum
  • Zentralkomitee 4
  • Er brennt innerlich
  • Der König