MCD – Stendal Blast



Single from the next Album “Alles Liebe”

The electronic sound of Stendal Blast has receded in favour of guitar and bass, and Kaaja Hoyda’s vocals seem to growl deeper, if not from more abysmal regions. So much for getting in the right mood.

There are: “Öl”, a dancefloor number on the surface, which is preceded by rich guitar riffs, fat basses and martial roar. Irony? Serious??!!

Kaaja Hoyda and his musicians Hajo Mönnighoff and Bernhard Lottes are too clumsy to make striking statements, let alone slogans. Rather, Stendal Blast is a mirror, one with sharp-edged cracks and cracks, which one should not reach for with unhinged fingers. In this mirror, perhaps precisely because of what has been broken, one can see more clearly than almost any other, the Teutonic force of this miserable summer, the impotence behind the whole cult of the proletariat.

Stendal Blast are surely one of the worst, blackest German-speaking bands.

The abysmal thing about them, however, is not in “head off!” or “camera on it!” roar. Kaaja Hoyda would be wrong to call him cynical or hard-nosed. When he rummage through foul-smelling corners of the soul and express thoughts that we do not even admit to ourselves, then not to “provoke” or “shock”.

The mirror is not only sharp-edged, but also fragile. In surprising moments, Hoyda’s lyrics suddenly hit the mark. In “You’re not that beautiful” someone mocks his girlfriend. Why doesn’t he leave her if he finds her so abyssally unattractive? Has he given himself up so much that he doesn’t care about anything, or does he despise himself even more than she does? Maybe “You are not so beautiful” is also a real love song.

There is no black and white painting in the texts of Stendal Blast, no “good” and “false” either, and certainly no clear answers. Also about the band itself you can’t make any clear statements.

You can find Stendal Blast “cool”, you can also insult us like on the last album on the phone for this band. Maybe someone out there feels somehow understood or comforted, but that is probably due to a mistake.

We don’t care. Stendal Blast too.

Released: 1997

Track list

  • Öl ("Öl auf der Tanzfläche" remix)
  • Du bist nicht so schön