The Concert That Never Happened Before

Deine Lakaien:

 The Concert That Never Happened Before


The concert that never happened before
Hannover, Capitol, 12. August 2005

Documentation (full concert, no edits!) of the concert that only happened once with songs from the early works

Limited Fan-Edition DVD (1987 copies only!).

Deine Lakaien followed through on their promise to the fans: For the first time in the history of the band, they presented themselves in the style and sound equipment of the ‘80s.

“As live duo - electronics and singing only – we played songs exclusively from the initial years 1986 until 1991. Furthermore, we just used original instruments from that time (amongst other things, Revox tape recorder, Commodore C-64, Atari ST – functional reliability was not guaranteed!). The whole program was exclusively rehearsed for this event: Many of the songs were performed live for the first and only time, the other compositions were presented in special ‘retro’ versions.”

The concert was autonomously organized, privately planned, financed and accomplished by Deine Lakaien in collaboration with the fan club and several long-time companions of the band. Admission was free: The VIP tickets were in great demand and available through a waiting list on the band’s website.

Alexander Veljanov: “Altogether, it was a remarkable evening, none of the participants will forget. Due to popular request, the event is now available on this DVD.”

  • Alexander Veljanov (Gesang), Ernst Horn (Keyboards)
    Alexander Veljanov (Gesang), Ernst Horn (Keyboards)
  • Ernst Horn (Keyboards)
    Ernst Horn (Keyboards)
  • Alexander Veljanov (Gesang)
    Alexander Veljanov (Gesang)
  • Alexander Veljanov (Gesang)
    Alexander Veljanov (Gesang)
  • Ernst Horn (Keyboards), Alexander Veljanov (Gesang)
    Ernst Horn (Keyboards), Alexander Veljanov (Gesang)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Photos by Steven Riou and Bianca Frohard

Released: 2006

Track list

  • Nobody's Wounded (live)
  • Colour-Ize (live)
  • Love Will Not Die (live)
  • Fashion, Passion And Pigaches (live)
  • Wasted Years (live)
  • Bells of Another Land (live)
  • Night of Love (live)
  • Traitors (live)
  • The Pope (live)
  • Reincarnation (live)
  • Battle of the Ghosts (live)
  • Dark Star (live)
  • Made in Heaven (live)
  • Love Me to the End (live)
  • On the Way to Narmada (live)